About Junction

Junction Magazine creates, collects, and curates stories — of all forms — that represent, inspire, and amuse our community here at the junction of western Vermont and eastern New Hampshire. Our home turf is Lebanon, West Lebanon, and Hanover, NH; the five villages of Hartford, VT: White River Junction, Wilder, Queechee, Norwich, and Hartford; and our neighbors to the north, south, east and west. (We see you Fairlee and Thetford, Cornish and Enfield, Windsor and Hartland!) Through storytelling, we strive for a more connected and collaborative Upper Valley. Junction fuels your curiosity and reflects the wonderful wildness of this place we all call home.

Junction is loosely organized around four categories:

Arts & Culture, which features stories about local and locally known artists, musicians, and makers;

Food & Farm, which captures the lush farms and the many-varied eateries, breweries, distilleries, ice creameries, and other delights that sustain us;

People, in which we introduce you to the talented people and organizations who keep us inspired and connected; and

Wild, where we dig in to weird, wonderful, and wildly inimitable characteristics of the Upper Valley.

Junction also posts a monthly calendar. (Email us to submit your listing.)

Why Subscribe?

Because place matters. Because local businesses matter. Because local musicians, writers, poets, makers, distillers, restaurateurs, builders, farmers, and leaders matter. Because we are a diverse, multi-talented community who are lucky enough to live in one of the most beautiful places in the United States. Because when we know each others stories we are stronger. Because Junction brings you these stories.

Junction is delivered to your inbox about once a month, usually on Thursdays, and occasionally on other times, as the occasion arises.

Can I Submit to Junction?

Yes! Junction accepts submissions of essays and pitches for essays. At present, we are an entirely volunteer publication and as such we don’t have the fund to pay our authors. That said, we credit our authors on our site, newsletter and social, and you keep the rights to your work. We also accept simultaneous submissions.

Read our guidelines here and when you write to us, be sure to mention which category seems like the best fit for your story.

About the Editors

Hazel-Dawn Dumpert lives and writes in West Lebanon, NH.

Taylor K. Long is a writer, editor, and photographer based in Windsor, VT. Her work has appeared in The New York Times, The New York Press, New York Magazine, Bright Wall/Dark Room and more.

Isaac Lorton  is happy to be here in this place at this moment with this group of people. Writing. Editing. Photographing.

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Taylor K. Long

Taylor K. Long is a writer, editor, and photographer based in Windsor, VT. See more at: taylorklong.com